A Whole Year Later


I started this blog about one year ago. Lets see what’s happened since then.

On the personal front,

  • I started and finished doing some side-work for a small startup, MyPayNet. I learned a lot from this and will try to share more this year.
  • Clare, Wes and I went to France for 2 weeks. You can see lots of pictures on our Picasa site.
  • Wesley had his first birthday!
  • Clare and I went to Las Vegas  with family and friends. Hmmm, can’t find the link to those pictures – maybe that’s a good thing….
  • We put our house up for sale and hope to sell it and build a new one. We’re doing this, in part, because -
  • We’re expecting another baby boy around February 21st.
    I have to say that that is a lot of doing. No wonder my blogging has slipped.

In spirit with my entrepreneurial side, I am creating a Wedding Venue Search Tool, Wed Places. I’m still in the exploration phase so I’m trying to find a business model around this idea. I’ll be providing more details around this soon. If you have any thoughts let me know.