My Annual Blog Entry

If past performance is indicative of future performance then this will be my only blog post for the year. Fortunately, all my stock prospectuses tell me that this is not the case so maybe I’ll keep up on it this year.

I can easily say that 2011 was a great year. There were quite a few life events:

  • My son, Drake, was born!
  • My family moved to an awesome new house.
  • I started a new position as a dev manager @ Quest.
  • Clare and I went to Las Vegas again with an awesome friend.
  • I became an uncle to a beautiful baby girl.
  • Wedplaces┬áhas been put on the back-burner. I will write about this sometime soon.
In 2012 I still have a lot going on:
  • I am working on an iPhone app — who isn’t?.
  • I am taking a 2nd trip to China for my new position.
  • I am learning┬áMandarin via Rosetta Stone — partially for work, but mostly because I want to learn it for Wes and Drake. Hopefully it will help get them into the Verona Area International School.
  • My family will hopefully be going to the Virgin Islands sometime this year.


I’d love to hear what you did in 2011 and plan on doing in 2012.


2 comments to My Annual Blog Entry

  • Jenny

    Hi, David. I'm a parent of a kiddo at the Verona Area International School! I maintain the school's website and saw your blog come across the site stats as a referrer. (1) Thanks for the shout-out. (2) If you ever care to talk with a current VAIS family, my daughter has had a great experience there, and my husband and I are always happy to answer questions for interested families! Don't know if you saw in the news that our charter was just renewed for five years (the max it can be renewed each time it comes up for renewal), so that is good news for your kiddo!

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